Saturday, March 28, 2009

The First Days of Spring in Oklahoma

You know you live in Oklahoma when the beginning of Spring weather is beautiful, sunny and warm, and the next day there is snow on the ground. We didn’t have a whole lot stick here by our house, but not far away there was as much as 6 inches on the ground!

Because we were mainly stuck inside this weekend, we decided to make the most of it and start some packing. It’s always amazing to me how much stuff we accumulate. We ended up finding lots of old pictures and some letters that Mike and I wrote to each other back when we were dating. It was fun to be reminded of those times and how they got us to where we are today. And how our hair is so much better now. And our eyebrows… but I should only speak for myself.

On a random note, we also rented ‘Twilight’ this weekend. Any of you seen that? I guess my expectations were too high for the movie. I was expecting more of an epic type film but it seemed more cheesy and over-dramatically acted to me… what did you guys think? Maybe I’m just too harsh a critic. In any case, I’m sure the books are better.

Another random thing - per Mel's request (and because I think any blog is way more interesting with some type of picture) - here are a couple of current pics of me and Mike. Honest to goodness, these are the only current pics I can find of either of us because we only take pictures of Sam these days. And I couldn't find ANY pictures of the two of us together. I'm going to have to work on getting better pictures for updating!

I hope ya’ll are enjoying the beginning of Springtime!


  1. Yes, this weather is out of control! I love it though- it's a great thing about Oklahoma- the weather's always a surprise! And yes, yada yada yada, I know you are supposed to take pictures of you and your hubby as a couple and it's good for your marriage and all. But who could resist a picture with that handsome fellow???? Little Sam is so cute! What a perfect husband for my little looker! : )

  2. Sam has this funny little grin that is so cute! And it's in that second picture!!

  3. I LOVE that picute of you and Sam. You look absolutely GORGEOUS! Mike said the same thing about us not having any pictures taken together. I don't know what it is. I guess cause I'm always the one taking the picture.