Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday Bash

Well, we're all moved in! At least, all of our stuff is here. It will probably be awhile before everything is actually put away and set in place, but at least we are functional at the new place. We moved in on a Saturday and the next Saturday we had Sam's birthday party here. I don't know what we were thinking either. There's been a wee bit of psychosis on my part the past week or so. And more Dr. Pepper and Oreos to help it go away.

The party went well, and I think Sam had a good time. He downed his cupcake and ice cream like a pro. My genes really shone in him during that moment and I was so proud.

I think the sugar crash came about an hour after everyone left and the house was quiet again. In time he'll learn that's a sacrifice you have to make to enjoy the good stuff in life, like Dr. Pepper and Oreos.

It was really special to us to have so much family at the party. Both sets of Mike's great-grandparents live within a day's driving distance, and made the trip to be here, and we're so glad they could make it. I have to give a big shout out to Mike's parents for coming early to help around the house before the party started. I don't think I could have pulled it off without your help, Cindy! My Mom was home recovering from surgery, so I'm glad they didn't try to make the trip, but we missed them anyway. I hope you're feeling better and taking it easy, Mom!

Here are a few more pics from the party:

Sorry to disappoint you, but my baking skills are not for hire. This is supposed to be a white, cock-eyed teddy bear face, not a pig as my father-in-law thought. Easy mistake to make. Sadie in her birthday hat. She was the only child who wore one without complaint. Isn't she precious?

The birthday boy was not so compliant.

In true one-year-old fashion, he enjoyed eating the cards and wrapping paper more than playing with the toys.

And this pic wasn't taken at the party, but it seemed appropriate since it looks like he was having a little too much fun at a party and took a pic of himself.

And in totally unrelated news, I am extremely pumped because I have found THE BOOTS I want for this Fall/Winter. My boots are very important to me and play a huge role in my Fall/Winter life, so choosing them is like looking for a best friend. At least until a cuter, more stylish friend comes along in just the right shade of brown, in which case the old boots are toast. Anyway, here they are:

Aren't they cute?

Well, I'd better get back to unpacking while Sam is still napping. I'll post some pics of the new place soon, promise!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Samuel Keith

August 25, 2008
One year ago today, my life was forever changed. At 6:35 p.m. I was doing some of the hardest physical work I've ever done, and through the blur of pain, a sea of medical staff, and near-mental shut down I heard Mike say with a broken voice, "He's out Steph, he's out!". In that surreal moment I looked to my left and saw my son. Oh, my heart.

Before my mind could really register much besides "SAM!!!", I heard all of the nurses (I think there were approximately 237 of them) start saying "Woah he's HUGE!", and "Wow, look how BIG". All I could think was that he was perfect. They put him on the scales and sure enough, he was a whopping 10 lbs 5 oz. My big Sam boy.

I'd say that's a pretty accurate overall description of him. He's a big boy physically, but also in personality. He's loud, he's fast, he's active, he's strong, and boy is he ever cute. I think as a Mom you always feel like you come up about 1,000 times short of expressing how you feel about your child, but suffice it to say that I think he's the greatest thing on the planet and it feels like my heart is physically outside of my body. He just rocks.

Happy first Birthday, my sweet Sam! I'm forever grateful and proud to be your Mom and you'll never, ever know how much I love you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Boxes, Chaos and Oreos, Oh My

Things are just a little crazy around here at the moment. We're closing on our new house today (why am I blogging again?), and in full swing of all that comes with moving your entire household. I would show you a picture of the chaos that surrounds me right now but frankly, I'm a little embarassed and also, I have NO EARTHLY IDEA where the camera might be. The way I've been packing, it's probably in an old purse stuffed inside an old school bag stuffed inside a box filled with toys, electronics, and pantry items. Mike hasn't said much about my packing, but the look on his face as he watches me says it all. Meaning... I don't think he loves me for my packing skills. Bless his sweet, patient heart.

The next post I write could very well officially come from THE new Pruitt homestead. In the meantime I'll probably be slashing and burning with the packing (and re-packing as Sam likes to undo the precision that is a box I've just finished), and trying desperatly to ignore the chaos around me. And probably consoling myself and rewarding my hard work with Dr. Pepper and Oreos as has been my habit lately. Good eating habits will come with the new house, kay? I'll check in from there in a few days!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to Eat a Sandwich with an Almost-One-Year-Old

1. Get bread out of pantry and lunchmeat out of refrigerator.

2. Quickly scoop dead rolly polly off of floor as baby speeds toward it with a crazed look in his eye.

3. Spread mustard on bread.

4. Take dog hair out of baby's hand and mouth. Wash your hands and his.

5. Get cheese out of refrigerator.

6. Realize you're out of milk and orange juice as you're looking in the refrigerator. Quickly write these items on your shopping list.

7. Retrieve pen used to write said items on shopping list from baby. Try your best to wipe ink off of babys face without removing top 3 layers of skin.

8. Place lunch meat on bread.

9. Investigate noise of dog lapping liquid from the floor.

10. Remove baby from puddle of spilled apple juice and banish dog to back yard.

11. Mop up the spill.

12. Change baby's soaked clothes and give him quick sponge bath.

13. Notice baby's hamper is overflowing. Put on washing.

14. Place cheese on sandwich and put it all together.

15. Hear the phone on speaker phone making a call. Run to end the call, pray you won't see a long distance charge to Indonesia later this month, and place phone out of baby's reach amidst much protest.

16. Place sandwich on plate and sit down to enjoy lunch.

17. Tend to wailing baby who insists it is naptime.

18. Change baby's diaper, put him down for nap.

19. Eat sandwich and relish the peace and quiet while blogging about the experience.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is Just Awesome

I love this. It almost makes me want to plan a vow-renewal ceremony or something, and be really creative about it. Why didn't we think of this?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Baby Shower, a Family Reunion, and My Baby's Growing Up...

Did ya'll miss me? I've been back in town for several days now, but it's been a little busy and I've been a little tired, hence the lack of a new post. Hopefully this entry will help get me back in the swing of things!

I'm happy to report that my road-trip to Texas with Sam was wonderful! Sam was an absolute pro and made nary a peep on the drive down OR the drive back up. Lord be praised! I had a fabulous time as I got to throw my sister a baby shower along with my Mom, my sis's mother in law and sisters in law. It was beautiful and fun, and we had a great turn-out too, so it was greatness all around. I also got to stay a couple of days afterwards to visit with my sis and help her finish some things up on her nursery. Ya'll, this is one fab nursery. You can head on over to her blog to check out some pics. I won't mention that I'm just a little peeved that my sister is unbelievably gorgeous as a pregnant woman while I turned into what can best be described as a hippo monster. I also won't mention that her ankles are still skinnier than mine and she's 7 months pregnant. I'll let you figure that out from the pictures.

My Mom and sis

A couple of days after Sam and I got home, there was a Pruitt family reunion here. It was great getting to see a lot of Mike's fam that we don't normally get to see. They're really great people. Mike's sweet Aunt Janie had put together tons of memory books and picture albums for everyone to enjoy, and it was really fun to see all of the old pictures of the fam and hear some funny stories. Good times.

Sam with cousin Quinn and Aunt Marsha. He really liked them - especially because they let him play with their blackberry!
Having a blast with Dad in the pool
The whole Pruitt gang. What's a family picture without matching shirts?

And in totally unrelated news, I have to give a few updates on Sam. Because no blog post of mine is complete without him. MY LAD HAS SAID HIS FIRST WORD, and you know what it is? Well, to give you a hint: I lovingly care for him 24/7, carried him for 9 1/2 months, gave birth to him, sing him his favorite songs, read to him, play with him, feed him,... you get the picture. So naturally, his first word was Dada. Oh, the sweet sting of bitterness. He's coming around to Mama though... or maybe I'm just delusional. Anyway, he's also started waving (SO cute!) and clapping, and drinking through a straw. He's just growing up so fast. He'll turn one this month, and I am completely and utterly amazed by that fact. Time sure flies when they're babies, doesn't it?