Monday, June 29, 2009

The New Pruitt Homestead in Progress

Here are a few pics of the progress on the new homestead. It's done on the outside except for painting, guttering and shutters (I think), and it's all sheet-rocked on the inside and they're working on flooring and wood stuff.

Ok Jules, your bedrooms are right behind those front windows!

Looking towards the entry from the living room

Some tile in the kitchen
The beginnings of the vanity in the guest bath

And just for kicks... my cute froggie after a bath. Baby robes are totally impractical but so darn cute, don't you think?

It's hard to believe we'll be in the house in just a matter of weeks... probably around 6 or 7. Ya'll are all going to come visit when it's finished, right?


  1. Love your soon to be house!! Sam is just adorable!

  2. I hope to be down before TOO long. Maybe next year after PJ? It looks great!

  3. aunt lar and uncle eric are comin' so mark us down for sure!! where's our room??? :)

  4. I will most definitely be coming for a visit when it's finished... can we say "house warming party" ???
    I'm so happy for you guys! And you've achieved it in half the time Matt & I did... yay!!!

  5. Wahoo! We can't wait to come and visit! We definitely will be utilizing your guest room- I'm hoping we will be using a lot in the coming months as we come and interview and look for a house of our own! : )
    I enjoyed the pics! Sam is so cute. Lots of love to you!

  6. Steph, it looks GREAT! And I love the brick pattern of the tile - beautiful touch. I can't wait to see the finished product... I know you can't, either. :)
    And Jules... I didn't know you two were thinking of moving back to the OKC area. How exciting!

  7. wow the house look great! little sam looks so cute in his robe :)

  8. Looking good! can't wait to see it.
    And the bathrooms are definitely cute but when you have a kid on the loose it just comes off :)