Thursday, September 3, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Earlier this week, our little family got to go out to a Redhawks game downtown. Mike's work has a box at the stadium, so we got to watch the game in style. They even gave us a parking pass - the "GOLD" pass, which is right by the entrance to the stadium, so we didn't even have to walk to get there. It's a good thing, because normally I'm not inclined to exert much physical effort to watch baseball. (It's a totally different story with Sooner football, by the way, and I am PUMPED about watching the first game of the season this Saturday!)
When we made it to the box, we got to visit with some of Mike's co-workers, and chow down on the food provided. We even got a visit from Rowdy the Redhawk. Sam got a kick out of him!

It was great to casually walk outside and pretend to pay attention to the field, but then retreat right back to the air-conditioning and partake of the munchies. We felt so VIP, even though we're so not. For example, I mistook the honey mustard salad dressing for dip for the chicken fingers, because how on earth could you possibly eat chicken without gravy or some other such cream sauce? We had a great time, and I hope we get to go back again sometime, as long as Mike's work doesn't get stingy with the gold passes.


  1. The box experience is THE WAY to watch sports!! Brandon and I got to watch a Stars game once from a box... leather chairs... huge TV's... wait staff. You guys were livin' the life, huh?! I'm so glad you got to enjoy the "game". :)

  2. Oh, our little giant baby is getting taller and smaller! He is looking more like a little boy and less like a baby these days. Oh, little SammaLamma, don't grow up so fast!! On another topic, it is so weird how that mascot is looking in the camera. Hopefully it wasn't so weird in 'real life'. GREAT pics...and another hilariously written vignet.

  3. Hey Mom, good point about the mascot, I hadn't really noticed that before. It wasn't too weird - no moreso than the usual, but I think all mascots are a little creepy up close. At least Sam didn't seem too creeped out!

  4. i LOVE mary's sneak peeks on her blog-awesome!! he's getting so big:) hey and aunt lar wants to meet the giant redhawk too, that's awesome!!!

  5. WOW you are such a big deal :) going to the baseball game is so much more fun VIP style! Sounds like fun