Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great Weekend in the 'Ville!

Last week, Mike took Friday off and we packed up the whole family, including our poor dog who has been neglected of late, and headed to our hometown to visit family and have a little down time. Luckily, Mike's parents were also off work last Friday, so we dropped Sam off with them on Friday morning and spent the majority of the day by ourselves. It was awesome. We had lunch at one of Mike's favorite home-town dives, did a little shopping at the mall, took an awesome bike-ride on a beautiful trail, and just basked in each other's company. It was really great, and was a good reminder for me that we need to find a local babysitter and get more one on one time. It's so important, and so refreshing. Of course, by the time we went to pick Sam up, I was missing him terribly, but I had a good time nonetheless.

I think the mall shopping was one of my favorite activities, mostly because I got the opportunity to try clothes on without a stroller taking up 90% of the dressing room. Normally I'm crammed into the corner, trying my best to entertain an impatient Sam, while shimmying into the clothes and trying to make a decision within 5 seconds in an effort to not push Sam into full melt-down mode. I learned my lesson after the unfortunate Kohl's meltdown of '09 a couple of weeks ago.

We stayed with my parents and got some good visit time with them, and also got to spend some time with Mike's fam. Sam really enjoyed seeing everyone, and did SO GREAT on the trip. We discovered the he loves to climb stairs, and LOVES all the attention that comes with being around lots of family.

Sam wearing Grandpa Pruitt's boots

Getting into the true spirit of being on the farm

It was a great trip!


  1. That picture of Sam in the boots and the hat is definitely a framer - it's absolutely ADORBALE!!! Glad you had so much fun in the 'Ville and enjoyed some alone time with your sweetheart. If you'd just move to Dallas, you'd have a FREE babysitter virtually any weekend you needed one. Food for thought. :)

  2. i'm glad ya'll had a good trip!! if we were closer i would so babysit for you!!!:) love you!!!!!

  3. Minneapolis is an option too! I would keep Sam anytime! Really sisters, why do we all live so far apart? And yes, the alone time with our hubbies is so important! But Ben and I don't get enough of it either.... Love you!

  4. Sam looks like a tiny little Uncle Brian in those boots. He is SO MUCH FUN....You don't need to move to Dallas or Minneapolis. They all need to move to Oklahoma....then ALL of you would have a free babysitter anytime you wanted....even if you all wanted to go out together at once.
    Think about it, children 'o' mine. Think about it.
    Grandmomma of FOUR.

  5. I agree- I think I see a bit of "Uncle Brian" in Sam. he is too cute in those boots!
    And yes- a local babysitter is a MUST. We budget for it once a month and I always book her way ahead of time. we always use the same person (a sr in high school) and have for a year and a half. my girls LOVE her and it's a very special relationship. and it's SOOOO good for us. There have been times where Jason has gone a week without seeing our girls because of work, but we still have kept our date night because we needed it!!! GET ONE GIRLFRIEND! : )

  6. HELLO I'M JUST DOWN THE STREET and Owie would love to have Sam over to play or vice versa!!! anytime call me!

    So glad y'all had a great trip to the 'ville!! Let me guess did you eat at Murphy's??