Monday, March 8, 2010

First Haircut

A few weeks ago, we decided to give Sam his first haircut. It was starting to get pretty long and unruly in the back. I thought about just letting it go and rolling him a rat tail or something, but Mike nixed that idea. He can be a real dream stealer sometimes. (See how cool they can look? If Marty with a rat tail can't convince him, I don't know what will.)

I won't say who accidentally shaved a small bald patch in an unfortunate area, but Mike did mumble something about banning me from the razor for the rest of eternity. Hey, it was his idea to go with the haircut... I'm the one who wasn't afraid to be edgy with the rat tail. Anyway, here's my sweet boy and the wiz hair-stylist in action:

He loved watching himself in the mirror. So much fun!

This was our trick for getting him to sit still. As long as the toothbrush was turned on and buzzing, he was putty in our hands.

Look at how cute he is! Just smiling away at his reflection.

The finished product. You did a great job, Mike! Sorry I called you a dream stealer. In reality, you make all my dreams come true.


  1. love the new do! he is such a cutie!

  2. He's so cute!!! I've already buzzed Aaron's thin hair a few times.

    I thought of you after watching the office last week. I don't think I've ever laughed harder with Kevin's shoving spicy food up Pam's butt comment and Meredith saying she would run to her car to get her shirt with the nipple holes already cut out. Hysterical!!!

  3. I smiled the whole time I read this, looking at Sam smiling at himself... so cute! The 'do looks great - can't wait to love on my Sam!!

  4. First haircut wow...we've cut Owie's several times! I wanted to keep the cute curl too but it was getting to be a rats nest!
    Love the smiles he was giving in the mirror!!!!

  5. Oh, I could just kiss him all day long. Give him hugs and snuggles from Grandmomma.

  6. oh my word...he is just tooooooo adorable girl! i love that you took all these great pictures of the hair cut!