Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oklahoma Ladies' Retreat (plus 2 Pruitt men)

I had the pleasure to hostess Liz Curtis Higgs this past weekend at the Oklahoma Ladies’ Retreat. She was the keynote speaker this year. If you haven’t heard her speak or read any of her books before, I highly recommend that you check her out. She’s amazing – one of my absolute favorites.

They were generous enough to also allow Mike to come along and bring Sam, too, even though babies are usually not allowed at the retreat… special perks when you’re a former employee, I guess! It was a really good time. I got to actually talk one on one with Liz quite a bit, and that was amazing. I also just helped out in general where I was needed. It was a lot of work, but not near the amount it was for me in years past!

Blogging is going to help push me remember to take pictures. I looked through my camera after I got home to see which pictures from the weekend I should post and literally, these are the only three pictures we snapped while we were there:

The first is proof that I took my responsibilities very seriously while I was there. The second just happens to be a good picture of the only 2 guys there that weekend, and the third…. I have no words. I’ve always thought the lamps in the Falls Creek hotel rooms are hideous and kind of humorous, so for some reason I decided to snap a picture. That’s right, I got a picture of the hideously funny lamp, but not a single shot of me with Liz Curtis Higgs, or anything to do with the actual conference. I’m retarded.

Being there brought back a lot of memories from the retreat last year. Many of you may not know, but during last year’s retreat I was still working in the women’s office and I was 5 months pregnant with Sam. Just a few hours before the women started to arrive on the grounds, I was still working on set-up when I started bleeding. They took me to a hospital in a nearby town. I called Mike in tears and he immediately left work to come and be with me. We were so scared. I couldn’t help but wonder if we were going to lose Sam. It made me all the more grateful to be back there again this year with my healthy baby boy in tow. Boy, is God good!


  1. Steph, you make me laugh, you make me cry... I love you! And God *is* good!!!

  2. i sure am glad you had fun and there got to be 2 men among all the estrogen-haha!!! good times:)

  3. I'm so glad that last year's scare had a very happy ending. And yes, I agree, the lamp is awful!

  4. It's amazing to see what happens in a year! You have a healthy little boy!
    so when are we gonna get together again? Would y'all be up for meeting at the mall tomorrow?

  5. Wow! Sam is getting so big!! He is going to be tall like his Daddy. We praise God for bringing him safely from his mother's womb. I sure wanted to come to the retreat the last 2 years. I was still recovering from travel and illness this time. Next year might be my year to come! I need more girl time for sure!!