Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Things have been pretty busy around here! Our house is officially on the market now, and the past couple of weekends have been filled with open houses, and the in-between time has been spent getting the house ready to show, running errands, and taking care of a little guy who hasn't been feeling so well. We've had a few rought nights this week, but I think he's starting to get better.

Getting the house in "show" condition has been something. I find myself vacuuming about 14 times a day (does anyone else hate the footprint marks in freshly vacuumed carpet? it defeats the purpose!), and saying things like 'Don't use that dish scrubber, it's just for show beside the sink!' and 'You can only wash your hands in the left master bathroom sink' and 'If you're looking for the laundry, it's stuffed under our bed'. I've been a real joy lately.

Hopefully I'll get back to some real posting soon!

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  1. Having a house on the market is such hard work, but I'm sure that your hours and hours of organizing and cleaning are going to pay off! Oh, and I'm with ya on the carpet thing. We discovered that if you leave your shoes off, the foot-prints are much less noticeable in the freshly vacuumed carpet. :)