Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Well, it's been raining here for about 4 or 5 days straight now, and it doesn't look like it will be letting up anytime soon. When you have a lot of outside work to do, 4 or 5 days seems like 3 months. Mike and I have been working to get our house ready to go on the market, and the rain's not doing us any favors. On the flip side, it has forced us to stay inside to play, and that's not always a bad thing...
Learning to play ball with Sneaker

Cuddling and listening to Dad play guitar (I love this pic! He just layed like this, staring intently - so sweet.)

Dumping all my toys and chewing on the basket

Having a play-date with friends

We are starting to get cabin fever though, and I'm anxious to get out to the park as soon as the rain lets up. In the meantime, I'll probably be reading "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?" for the eight billionth time. We do love you around here, Dr. Seuss.


  1. aww...aunt lar misses sam:) and sneaker too!!! i feel bad for all the babies that can't play outside b/c of the rain-it's driving me nuts too!!!!! miss you guys...i also love the pic of him 'listening' to mike play, LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Steph, I absolutely love reading your blog. Sam is so cute and sitting up, looks like you guys are really enjoying each other!

  3. "Oh the wonderful things Mr. Brown can do..." I think I could recite that whole book by heart.

  4. I love the pic of Sam watching Mike play the guitar...I hope the rain decides to go away at least for a bit, we are getting stir-crazy!! I enjoy reading your updates. BTW-Where are you guys builing at? I saw that you said it was close to the Veterans Memorial Park (my fav park.

  5. Love love love the pic of Sam listening to Mike!
    We will get together next week. We need OUT!