Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Caped Crusader

*He patrols every room, hallway, corner, closet, and nook in sight, never growing weary.

*He diligently watches over his toys, throwing them, smashing them, and banging them together 'til all is safe.

*He fearlessly treks around large objects, never to be deterred by a mere stumble, injury, or roadblock.

*He selflessly seeks and secures all loose objects which are not nailed down, placing them in his mouth where they rightfully belong.

*He rids the house of unseen june bugs who have met an untimely demise (DON'T ASK)

*He empties bottom shelves and drawers of pesky household items that stand in his way.

*He seeks and destroys any and all items made of paper. (Magazines are the most notorious villain of all)

*He boldly brings down even the strong by the sheer force of his voice.

*He captures the heart of his Mom, bringing her joy, laughter, and boundless love.

Such are the duties of the caped crusader, and I proudly tell you that he carries them out without hesitation, every day of the week.

The bulb syringe is his weapon of choice


  1. you are so funny, steph! and he is the cutest "caped crusader" I've ever seen! june bug?

  2. Your hilarious! He is so CUTE! Is he getting ready to walk?!

  3. steph!! i love it!! you are hilarious and that baby is so flippin' cute!! MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!:)

  4. my front porch has a lot of june bugs right now...can I invite Sam over?

  5. Our little giant baby man
    Is but a 'xployer brave
    His voice, it is impressive
    Hi shreik is no one's Fave!
    His strength is legendary
    His cuteness is disarming,
    That face, that smile, your heart will melt
    Our Precious, Sam, Prince Charming!

  6. From Grandmomma!!

  7. Wow, a new background! Very summery and sweet. Good job. (I liked the other one, too.) Where are you getting the backgrounds?

  8. Him and Owen will have so much fun getting into trouble together! So cute!!! can't wait to see you guys!